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We deliver organic vegetable bags locally every week with 3 sizes to choose from:

Small Veg + Salad only           £   9.95

Medium Veg + Salad + Fruit   £  15.95

Large Veg + Salad + Fruit       £ 19.95

All sizes contain staples, such as onions, carrots and potatoes, with other produce changing weekly.  Medium and large bags have additional seasonal vegetables, fruits and salads. All the produce is certified organic.


A typical medium bag, delivered on the 17/02/15, contained:

Potatoes, onions, carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, bananas, chard, broccoli, fennel, spartan apples, oranges, conference pears, savoy cabbage, green peppers and broad beans.


We deliver to postcodes in our local area.

For more information, drop by the Veg Shop or call us on

0207 284 1314.

Opening Times:

Monday – Saturday

9am – 6:30pm


33 Brecknock Road

London N7 0BT


0207 284 1314

0207 607 1936